"I found the MACS-Lift to be a great way to improve wrinkles and firm up my jaw and neck line. The surgery itself was remarkably easy and recovery was nothing like what you'd expect from plastic surgery. The bandages were off the next day, and I was only mildly uncomfortable during the procedure."


(actual patient, name changed for patient confidentiality)


Cosmetic surgery can profoundly diminish the signs of aging. The MACS-Lift offers the advantages of a traditional face lift without the hassle. It is an ingenious, minimally invasive outpatient procedure that exemplifies how less can be more.

MACS-Lift before and after photos

During the procedure performed in the comfort of our office, oral sedation (Valium) relaxes the patient. Tumescent local anesthesia gently lifts the skin from underlying tissue and allows for a nearly bloodless procedure. A small incision, made in the natural crease in front of the ear, heals to a barely detectable scar. Patients are allowed to go home and relax after the surgery.

Recovery from the MACS-Lift is much easier than from a traditional face-lift, and has less potential for complication and discomfort due to the innovative technique.

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