The Latest in Cosmetic Procedures

When you visit our Grand Rapids aesthetic dermatology office, you will be cared for with the best and most progressive techniques dermatology has to offer. A variety of factors come into play when it comes to delivering the best possible results from the latest in cosmetic medicine. Our approach is to be informed, up to date and consider the inside information we have seen over time, we anticipate and plan for:

Discover how today's new cosmetic therapies have revolutionized the way we hold the line on aging and enhance appearance by calling our office or learning about the treatments we offer.


Cosmetic surgery can profoundly diminish the signs of aging. The MACS-Lift offers the advantages of a traditional face lift without the hassle. It is an ingenious, minimally invasive outpatient procedure that exemplifies how less can be more.

During the procedure performed in the comfort of our office, oral sedation (Valium) relaxes the patient. Tumescent local anesthesia gently lifts the skin from underlying tissue and allows for a nearly bloodless procedure. A small incision, made in the natural crease in front of the ear, heals to a barely detectable scar. Patients are allowed to go home and relax after the surgery.

Recovery from the MACS-Lift is much easier than from a traditional face-lift, and has less potential for complication and discomfort due to the innovative technique.

"I found the MACS-Lift to be a great way to improve wrinkles and firm up my jaw and neck line. The surgery itself was remarkably easy and recovery was nothing like what you'd expect from plastic surgery. The bandages were off the next day, and I was only mildly uncomfortable during the procedure." ~ Megan (actual patient, name changed for patient confidentiality)

Eye Lift

An eye lift, known as blepharoplasty, eliminates sag in eyelids that can create a tired, sad, older look. Eye lift surgery is performed in our office, under local anesthesia. During an eye lift excess skin and fat is removed. The incision leaves a tiny scar hidden in the folds of the eyelids.

Patients typically experience a more refreshed, younger appearance after an eye lift. When combined with other mini procedures such as skin resurfacing and fillers, an even more dramatic change can be made.

W-Plasty for Men

Men around the world are discovering that they too can get the secret advantage that women have known about for the last several decades. Itʼs easier than ever to improve your appearance and turn back time with medical aesthetic procedures.

Many men are prone to having loose skin at the mid neck and under the chin that affects the appearance of the jawline, makes it difficult to button collars, and distracts from the face. The w-plasty is an in-office procedure that removes this excess skin.

It takes about an hour, with local anesthetic used. Recovery is typically quick and comfortable with many of our patients reporting that they are back to their normal routine the next day and have minimal bruising and swelling.

Tumescent Liposuction

Tumescent liposuction was developed to reduce excess localized fat deposits in a gentler manner than traditional liposuction. It’s an excellent choice for fat removal due to the immediate results, low risk, high comfort level and great patient satisfaction rates. Dr. Lamberts has been performing tumescent liposuction since 2005. He added this procedure to his practice after much research and was specially trained by leaders in the field.

Although tumescent liposuction removes fat through a cannula, it is much different from traditional liposuction. A micro cannula (the medical device used to remove fat) is used, which is significantly smaller. The incision site is 1 - 2 mm, so no stitches are needed.

The procedure is performed in Dr. Lamberts’ office in a special suite created specifically for surgical procedures. The atmosphere is relaxed and spa like, with patients frequently commenting that they enjoyed the experience. Before tumescent liposuction is performed, the treatment area is injected with warmed liquid anesthetic that swells and firms fat. This added step allows for more precise treatment, smoother results and less post-operative pain due to the lingering effects of the anesthetic. Afterward patients are able to walk out of the office and return to their normal routine in a few days. A light compression garment is worn for 3 - 4 days and Tylenol is taken as needed for discomfort. There is much less trauma than with traditional liposuction, so bruising, swelling and pain are minimal to nonexistent. Patients see results immediately, but will continue to improve and notice optimal results in about 3 months.

Cool Lipo

Cool Lipo is a mini procedure that liquifies fat for easy removal from the neck, jowls, abdomen and arms. It is performed in our office using local anesthesia. During Cool Lipo, a laser fiber the size of a piece of spaghetti is inserted through a tiny incision and breaks up fat for easy removal with another small cannula. The unique wavelength of the laser offers the additional advantage of contracting collagen by heating and tightening from the inside out.

Patient results may vary, please contact our office for additional details.