Actual DAWM miraDry Patient Testimonial

Dan's Experience

"After years of excessive sweating, particularly in my arm pits, I decided to give MiraDry a chance. For reference, I would normally sweat just sitting at my desk at work, wearing a polo and undershirt. I cringe at the number of t-shirts this had prematurely ruined throughout my adult life!

The treatment itself was a breeze- I experienced absolutely zero pain, burning, or any other discomfort while the treatment was going on. I joked that I was "waiting for the catch" as things went so easily. I had previously read up on the post-treatment regimen of occasional icing and using ibuprofen and following this helped me to experience very minimal pain in the days following the treatment. I was pleasantly surprised that by day 2 or 3, my only side-effect was the swelling from the treatment. I had no pain at all!

I am now a month out from the MiraDry treatment, and I am happy to report zero sweating, zero pain, and no swelling! I enjoy telling others that, "I am not wearing deodorant" just to get their reaction. If you struggle with excessive sweating, I strongly encourage you to take a look at miraDry. Because of the miraDry treatment I am comfortable and confident that sweat will no longer play a role in my attire.