Dr. Lamberts services for men.

Discover how Dr. Lamberts and his aesthetic team can help bring out the fabulous in you. Give us a call at 616.575.6891 for an appointment or more information.


Looking for BOTOX®, a skin filler, skin laser, face lift, liposuction or eyelid surgery in Grand Rapids? If so, you’ve landed at the ideal medical practice to fit your needs. It’s easier than ever to look stunning and we have the expertise to help make the most of mini cosmetic procedures.

Robert Lamberts, MD is a board certified dermatologist in Grand Rapids. Long before cosmetic dermatology gained momentum, Dr. Lamberts saw how the signs of aging could be reversed more gently than with traditional plastic surgery and became a leader in this trend as it emerged. His status as an early adopter, combined with a meticulous technique has provided patients with the advantages of the hottest new cosmetic procedures found in Los Angeles, New York and Chicago.


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